Transportation Services for Travel Agencies

Welcome to the section on our transportation services for travel agencies.

Tailored solutions for travel agencies

Mattei Viaggi is committed to providing tailored transportation solutions that meet the specific needs of the B2B sector, with a special focus on partnerships with travel agencies. 

We understand what aspects are critical to ensuring the success of your travel offerings and therefore are committed to providing reliable, flexible and high-quality service with open and effective communication.

Our services

Bus Rental with Driver

We offer a highly professional bus and minibus rental service with driver, ideal for all your group transportation needs, trips, excursions, airport transfers and more. Our modern and comfortable vehicles are the perfect solution to ensure pleasant trips for your clients.

Examples of the Services Offered to Travel Agencies

Mattei Viaggi is proud to offer a wide variety of transportation services that can be customized to meet the needs of any travel agency. Here are some examples of how we can support you in your travels.

Day Trips

We arrange transportation for day trips to tourist, cultural, or nature destinations, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience for your clients from departure to arrival.

For excursions that span multiple days, we provide reliable transportation solutions to ensure that each leg of the trip is accessible, safe, and enjoyable, with the ability to customize itineraries according to the tour schedule.

We offer transfer services to and from airports, facilitating the departure and return of your clients' trip with timely and high-quality service.

We provide efficient transfers to cruise embarkation ports, ensuring that your clients arrive on time for the departure of their cruise without stress or worry.

We offer a safe service to accompany your clients to designated train stations. Because of our flexibility, we meet scheduled times and wait when rail vehicles are delayed, avoiding the risk of missing regional connections and allowing travelers to comfortably reach their destinations by high-speed or long-distance trains.

- We operate transportation services for weekly tours, covering a wide range of destinations. These services are ideal for agencies wishing to offer their clients a complete travel experience, with the convenience of a bus available for the duration of the tour.

These services are just a few examples of how Mattei Viaggi can enrich travel agency offerings, ensuring high-quality transportation, safety, and comfort for travelers. Our flexibility and ability to customize allow us to adapt to the specific needs of each agency, contributing to your success.

Our advantages

Direct Communication

We establish a direct and personal communication channel with each partner agency to quickly resolve any issues and tailor services to specific needs.

Personalization of Services

We are flexible in tailoring our transportation services to the unique requirements of each agency, offering fully customized solutions that meet your operational needs and clients' wishes.

Specialized Consulting

We offer our transportation expertise to travel agencies to enable proper planning of your trips.

Reliability and Quality

The punctuality, safety and comfort of our services are guaranteed, enabling agencies to offer their customers a high-quality travel experience.

Lasting and Advantageous Collaborations

We are committed to building long-term collaborative relationships that support the mutual growth and shared success of our companies.

Qualified Personnel

We advise public agencies and educational institutions to optimize student transportation services, combining efficiency and sustainability.

Advantageous Pricing and Commissions

We offer competitive economic conditions, including favorable rates and commission opportunities, to make our collaboration even more fruitful.

Committed to Your Growth

At Mattei Viaggi, we strongly believe in the value of lasting partnerships. Working closely with travel agencies allows us to offer impeccable transportation experiences that enrich your travel offerings and contribute to customer satisfaction. We are always open to exploring new partnership opportunities that can lead to shared growth and success in the travel market.

To discuss how we can support your transportation needs and how our collaboration can be structured for maximum mutual benefit, please contact us.

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