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Welcome to the section dedicated to the history and values of Mattei Viaggi SAGL, your trusted company for passenger transportation in Ticino and beyond.

From a dream to a successful reality

The Story of Mattei Travels

Mattei Viaggi's story began in 2016, when Dorian Mattei founded Mattei Viaggi SAGL, aiming to create a company active in the transportation sector with high-quality services. In the beginning, we began operating in regular school transportation, where we quickly established ourselves as a name synonymous with reliability and professionalism. This success allowed us to broaden our horizons, gradually shifting our focus to the tourism sector, without forgetting our roots in school transportation. Today, Mattei Viaggi provides passenger transportation services of all types, offering its services throughout Ticino and performing transportation throughout Switzerland and beyond. Our evolution reflects our passion and ongoing commitment to ensuring a high standard of quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our service. Over the years, the company has always supported regional entities such as associations and sports clubs, forging partnerships and expanding our offerings.

Modern and versatile vehicles for every need

Our fleet

Our fleet, which includes 19-seat buses and 8-seat minibuses, is ready to reach even the most remote and difficult-to-access areas of Ticino. For larger groups, we have the ability to arrange transportation with larger vehicles.

Young entrepreneur and founder of Mattei Viaggi SAGL

Dorian Mattei

Dorian Mattei, who grew up in Vallemaggia, founded Mattei Viaggi in 2016 after completing his professional training as a Transportation and Logistics Specialist. With an unwavering attention to detail and customer satisfaction, Dorian has helped build the company's reputation for customized and tailor-made transportation services in Canton Ticino. Its versatile fleet of buses and vehicles of various sizes, together with its close contacts with reliable partners in the area, allows it to serve both small groups and large delegations in every area of passenger transportation, both domestically and abroad. Despite its young age, Dorian is committed to bringing innovation and dynamism to the tourism industry, working tirelessly to ensure high-quality service and customer care.

Mattei Travel supports regional youth sports

Support for youth sports

Mattei Travel sponsors and supports local sports clubs with its services with sponsorships and transportation services on favorable terms.


We are a member of the Swiss Road Transport Association.

We are proud of our participation in ASTAG, the Swiss Association of Road Haulers. Our director Dorian Mattei is an active committee member of both the Ticino section and the Tour Bus Professional Group at the Swiss level.


Internationaler Bustouristik Verband

We are affiliated cn the RDA RDA Internationaler Bustouristik Verband, an association dedicated to promoting bus and group tourism in an environmentally sustainable way, a key association in the bus tourism industry internationally.


Members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Canton of Ticino.

CC-TI is the umbrella association of Ticino's economy, and fosters the activities of its member companies by providing targeted services, information and training.
Promotes networking and advocacy of policy interests at the cantonal and federal levels with the goal of creating a favorable environment for the establishment and development of businesses, actively contributing to the economic prosperity of the canton.