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Welcome to the section dedicated to our transportation services, ideal for hiking and trekking enthusiasts throughout Ticino.

Private transportation for your excursions

Based in the Maggia Valley, more specifically in Bignasco-the gateway to the Bavona Valley-we have been committed for years to facilitating the discovery of the wonders of our region, welcoming both local hikers and tourists. Mattei Viaggi is proud to support nature and adventure lovers, offering tailor-made transportation solutions with our minibuses and trekking shuttles, for limitless exploration of the natural beauty of our region.

Our services

Mountain hiking is part of our activities during the summer, but ski touring or snowshoeing are also occasions when you can comfortably take advantage of our services.
Customized transportation for hikers
We offer adaptable transportation services for both groups and individual hikers. We make it easy and flexible to reach the starting points of your hikes, or we arrange to pick you up at the end of your outing to take you back to your cars. Thanks to our small vehicles, we can access even the most remote places, ensuring maximum comfort and providing ample space for equipment and backpacks.

Benefits for Hikers

Flexible transportation service

Mattei Travel allows hikers to not have to worry about public transportation connections, our service allows you to fully enjoy your day in the mountains by avoiding situations such as making the last part of the trail running, or not being able to stop to take beautiful photos to catch the postbus.Mind over your event.


Our modern vehicles provide a high standard of comfort with reclining seats and dedicated space for backpacks. Some of our vehicles also have a refrigerator where you will find fresh water ready for you at the end of your excursion.

Strategic location

Our Bignasco location in the Maggia Valley is strategically positioned for excursions throughout the Locarno region. In particular, reaching the Bavona Valley for us is a matter of minutes; Ascona and Locarno can also be reached in about 30 minutes.

Luggage transport service

We know that for hikers an important aspect can be having to change hotels from day to day by performing traverses, for example. To enable you to lighten your backpacks and carry only what you need for your day in the mountains, we offer a luggage transport service.

Parking available

At our Bignasco location our clients can park their cars free of charge during their excursions. In this way we can provide a departure and arrival location that provides much flexibility. *
*limited availability

Suitable vehicles

Our versatile and constantly maintained fleet ensures comfortable and safe travel, raising the standard of transportation for events and ceremonies.

Collaboration with the Via Alta Vallemaggia

Since 2023 Mattei Viaggi has been an official partner of the Via Alta Vallemaggia, a project that aims to enhance one of the most fascinating hiking routes in Switzerland. Thanks to this partnership, we offer a Trekking Shuttle Service to hikers and members of the association to allow us to solve problems at the logistical level by complementing the service guaranteed by regular buses and PostBus, expanding the range of options available to hikers.

Thanks to this personalized transportation service, reaching the 2,310 m of Lake Naret or leaving at 7 a.m. from Cimalmotto will no longer be a problem.

Example of the services offered:

As a guide, a transport service for 8 people from the Bignasco bus station up to the 2,310 m altitude of Lake Naret costs CHF 220. Members of the Via Alta Vallemaggia Association are offered a 10% discount.
Learn more about our partnership here:

Personalized Transportation Service Via Alta Vallemaggia

Examples of transportation for hiking

A group of hikers wished to carry out a traverse starting from Rodi in the Leventina Valley to reach Fusio in the Lavizzara Valley. With cars parked in Rhodes, the group began the hike by taking the Tremorgio cable car and then walking to the Capanna, the starting point of their traverse to Fusio. At the end of this exciting crossing, Mattei Viaggi played an essential role, providing a convenient minibus transportation service. We waited for the group in Fusio, ensuring a smooth and uneventful return to Rhodes, where the hikers could easily retrieve their cars. Without our service, the hikers would have faced significant logistical challenges, especially given the scarcity of adequate public transportation options in the region.
To make the traverse from the Naret ponds to Robiei, including an overnight stay at the Cristallina Hut, a group of hikers needed a reliable transportation solution, since public transportation only reaches Fusio. Mattei Viaggi offered them a transportation solution from Bignasco, where they could park their cars at our office, to the Naret lakes, the starting point of the trail to the Cristallina Hut. The next evening our vehicle waited for the excursion participants at San Carlo, where they arrived by cable car, to take them back to Bignasco where they could retrieve their cars.
A group of tourists, interested in going on treks to move from one location to another, needed a luggage transport solution, this was to avoid having to carry too much weight in their backpacks during the walks. Our company facilitated the experience by taking care of the transportation of the hikers from the Locarno train station to the first hotel and, thereafter, ensuring the transfer of luggage between the various hotels chosen throughout the week. Clients had the convenience of leaving their luggage at the front desk when they checked out and finding it directly at the next hotel when they checked in, without any worries. At the end of the week, Mattei Viaggi then drove the group back to the Locarno station, allowing them to take the train back across the Gotthard.

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