transportation and environment


Sustainable bus and minibus transportation service

Sustainability: our commitment to the environment

Our fleet consists of modern, high-efficiency vehicles designed to reduce emissions and ensure eco-friendly travel. All of our vehicles have a Euro 6 emission rating and, in several cases, are equipped with an AdBlue system to further reduce harmful emissions.

Eco-friendly vehicles for a sustainable future

In the future, Mattei Viaggi aims to adopt vehicles with alternative propulsion, thus contributing to the transition to an even more sustainable transportation system. Currently, we regularly participate in educational and informational events on the subject in order to be ready to invest in this type of vehicle as soon as they become available for the tourism sector as well.

Sustainable Energy

Our company is committed to purchasing energy produced exclusively with environmentally friendly solutions, mainly hydroelectric and solar, produced on the territory of Ticino.

Other aspects of our sustainability

From 2023, our invoicing will be done exclusively in electronic format and e-mail, significantly reducing the use of paper. In addition, all our printed materials are produced by companies active in the canton, thus promoting local production and reducing the environmental impact related to transportation.

For Mattei Viaggi, sustainability goes beyond simply respecting the environment; we actively seek to reduce our impact on the local area by encouraging our clients not to leave waste in the places we visit and to consume local products during our tours. In 2025, we intend to launch a project that will allow our clients to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their trips, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

The Eco-sustainability of Bus Transportation.

Like many previous studies, current research confirms that the tour bus achieves the best results in terms of environmental sustainability. The German Federal Office for the Environment recently published data confirming that the tour bus has the lowest environmental costs among all modes of transportation, and is the best overall. In particular, for cross-border travel, the data from Germany is also valid for travel from Switzerland.