Sports and recreational associations

Mattei Travels cares about youth sports!

Customized transportation for sports and recreational associations

Since 2016, Mattei Viaggi SAGL has proudly supported youth sports clubs. We collaborate with field hockey, unihockey, volleyball, soccer and ski clubs and teams, offering transportation for in-season travel and off-season training camps.





Customized communication and organization

We ensure constant and clear communication to establish departure times, breaks and stopovers, ensuring that the team, club or sports group always arrives on time and in the best condition.
Detailed planning is essential in our work as well as in sports!
That is why our philosophy is to adapt to the needs of the club, ensuring personalized and reliable service.

Safe and Comfortable Transportation

Our services are perfect for sports travel throughout Switzerland and even beyond national borders, providing a relaxing and enjoyable trip for athletes and staff.

Our vehicles are equipped with:

Special rates for the youth sector

We are proud to support youth sports by offering special rates exclusively for clubs active in youth sports.

Providing prices approximately 10-15% lower than the standards of the tourist transportation market.

We firmly believe in the values of sports as a means to unite and inspire new generations. For this reason, we are committed to sponsoring and supporting the teams that partner with us.

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