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Mattei Viaggi provides safe, reliable and well-organized transportation services for students, students and faculty.

Our transportation services for schools and educational institutions.

Since our opening in 2016, we have worked alongside public agencies, educational institutions, public and private schools to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety in school transportation.

Our services

We offer a wide range of transportation solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of schools:

Regular transportation of schoolchildren

Since its opening in 2016, Mattei Viaggi has been responsible for the regular transportation of schoolchildren for the Cevio School Institute, providing daily transportation that ensures punctuality, safety and comfort. Our vehicles, state-of-the-art and in line with current regulations, are entrusted to experienced and qualified personnel. In the regular transportation of schoolchildren Mattei Viaggi is ready to evaluate the feasibility of performing transports with alternative propulsion vehicles.

We support and back teachers in planning trips, study weeks or other off-site activities where you need a tailored transportation service, handling all the logistical aspects of your travel arrangements.

Whether it is day trips or multi-day outings such as mountain schools, green weeks or ski weeks, we provide transportation solutions that relieve teachers of logistical organizational concerns, allowing them to focus more on educational planning.

Examples of services provided:

Our advantages

Clear and regular communication

We foster a direct and regular channel of communication with faculty and management so as to resolve any issues and handle all situations clearly and quickly.

Alternative propulsion vehicles

Mattei Viaggi is available to assess the feasibility of a solution for regular transportation of schoolchildren with vehicles powered by alternative and more sustainable energies, providing all the necessary information both logistically and economically to the client or public entity concerned.

Transportation outside of regular transportation

For each school site that uses our service on a regular basis, a restricted area on our website is made available for them to request extra transportation services such as visits to the dentist or field trips, receiving confirmation and a quote in a timely manner.

Punctuality and Reliability

At the beginning of each school year, we undertake to meet with the responsible teachers and management of the sites that use our service on a regular basis in order to work out the schedules and details of transportation, so as to ensure a worry-free running of the service from day one.

Qualified Personnel

All of our drivers and team members are selected for their professionalism, experience and ability to work with young people, providing a welcoming and safe environment.

Specialized Consulting

We advise public agencies and educational institutions to optimize student transportation services, combining efficiency and sustainability.

Logistical Relief for Teachers

Teachers can focus on the educational aspects of field trips and activities, leaving us to handle all aspects of transportation.

Modern and Safe Vehicles

We use only state-of-the-art and perfectly maintained buses equipped with the latest safety measures for your students.

Safety improvement projects

Mattei Travel in 2025 will launch a dash cam system with artificial intelligence-based analytics to provide regular feedback to the driver on his or her driving style in order to further improve safety while transporting schoolchildren.

Examples of school transportation

One municipality expressed a desire to offer regular transportation service for after-school activities on a weekly basis to ensure accessibility for all children at the educational institution. Mattei Viaggi responded with a tailor-made offer that ensured safe and supervised transportation of pupils back home, facilitating the participation of all pupils.

A middle school teacher, wishing to organize a ski trip for his students in Canton Graubünden, was faced with logistical difficulties posed by public transportation. Mattei Viaggi provided an effective solution, transporting students and equipment directly from the school to the entrance of the host facility. This optimized time, devoting more hours to snow activities and significantly enhancing the experience for the students and teachers, who did not have to worry about losing students during connections at various resorts.

For a day trip aimed at exploring the Gotthard Pass, unfortunately public transportation did not provide the flexibility required to take full advantage of the day. Mattei Viaggi offered a customized transportation service that allowed the students to move between the various places of interest. The class was able to visit all of them without worrying about missed connections or long waiting times and consequently maximizing the time available on site.

On a baccalaureate trip to Barcelona, Mattei Viaggi arranged airport transfers for the group of students and their luggage, providing flexibility and waiting in case of flight delays or problems. This service offered the teacher and students the peace of mind of knowing that all logistical aspects were handled professionally, allowing them to concentrate and enjoy the cultural and recreational activities of their trip.

A Latin teacher, wanting to reduce the environmental impact of her school trip to Rome, chose to use high-speed trains starting from Milan's central station. However, the train connection from Ticino did not allow her to take advantage of early morning trains. Mattei Viaggi solved the problem by arranging transportation from Ticino to the Milan station, ensuring the connection with high-speed trains and guaranteeing the same efficiency duarante the return trip. This allowed the teacher to meet the goals of lowering the environmental impact of the trip.

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