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Our services for associations

We are committed to offering customized transportation solutions that meet the specific needs of your groups, ensuring safe, comfortable and inclusive travel for members and participants in your activities.

Our services

We recognize the unique value and importance of associations in the social and cultural fabric. We offer a range of transportation services designed specifically to meet the needs of your associations:

Customized transportation services

Whether it is for excursions, cultural meetings or other events organized by your association, we provide transportation services tailored to your needs. Our chauffeured bus rental ensures pleasant and stress-free travel for all participants.

We take care of every detail of transportation for your event, from logistical planning to on-site coordination, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Examples of services provided:

Social Commitment of Mattei Travel

Mattei Viaggi is deeply committed to supporting associations that pursue charitable purposes or have an impact on local people, particularly for activities or initiatives that promote conviviality and bringing people together, especially for youth and children.

We proudly offer special rates and provide financial support to such organizations, contributing to their essential work in the community.

Our advantages

Personalized counseling

Our team assists you in arranging transportation and travel that reflects your needs and requirements.

High quality of service

Committed to providing excellent service to ensure maximum participant satisfaction.


We take care of all logistical matters, providing all necessary information and supporting you in organizing your events or activities.

Customized planning

Itineraries and travel modes adapted to your requirements, ensuring comfort and safety.

Material trailers

In combination with our buses, we can use trailers to conveniently transport your equipment

Modern and Safe Vehicles

A versatile fleet for comfortable and safe travel.

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Examples of our services for associations

A local choir wished to perform a concert in the high mountains, but wanted to avoid the stress of the car ride so that they could fully enjoy the event and the post-concert dinner.

Mattei Viaggi arranged tailor-made transportation that allowed all choir members to travel together, providing a shared experience both during the journey and at the convivial time afterwards.

Facing the challenge of a major concert across the border, an orchestra was faced with the need to transport not only its musicians but also all the instruments.

Mattei Viaggi organized a tailor-made transportation service, which allowed musicians and instruments to be transported comfortably and safely. This collective transportation solution not only facilitated logistics, but also offered the musicians valuable moments of conviviality during the trip, eliminating the inconvenience of traveling in numerous cars.

A group of volunteers needed an efficient and comfortable logistical solution to reach a training course located outside the canton.

Mattei Viaggi responded to this need by organizing a tailor-made transportation service, which allowed volunteers to travel together, and also optimized travel time.

For a charity dinner, a shuttle service was needed to facilitate guests' access to the event.

Mattei Viaggi implemented an efficient shuttle service, allowing guests to attend the event without worrying about parking or driving, increasing the participation and success of the charity.

For a summer camp, a group of scouts had to move to an out-of-state location.

Organizing such a trip presented no small logistical challenges, given the need to transport not only the young participants but also a considerable amount of equipment.

Mattei Viaggi took care of the bus transportation of the passengers and the transportation of the equipment with a crane truck that enabled the efficient assembly of the scout camp.

A group of volunteers from Ticino, involved in a charity project in Nepal, needed a transfer from Ticino to Milan Malpensa airport, carrying a large amount of materials needed for their volunteer activities.

Mattei Viaggi facilitated their trip by offering an airport transfer service at a favorable price, including the use of a trailer to transport the necessary materials.


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